Jon Gallagher

A Funny Thing About Murder

This is the latest of my completed works and the one of which I 'm most proud.  I am currently looking for an agent who will believe in the manuscript as much as I do. 

Private investigator Rick Barnhill should have never taken the case, but since his client was willing to pay $500, exactly $498.63 more than he had in his pocket at the time, and since he’d gotten used to eating on a regular basis, he agreed.  He finds himself assigned to take photos of the client’s husband who is supposedly involved in an affair with, of all people, one of Rick’s six or seven ex-wives (he’s lost count).   He arrives at her home to take the photos just moments before half of the St. Louis police force who find Rick at the front door (with keys in his pocket which fit the lock), and two dead bodies inside.  In extricating himself from the murder charges, knowing that he’s been set up to take the fall, Rick has his hands full.  He deals with a ton of evidence against him, a landlord who’s evicting him from his apartment, and four incompetent South American revolutionaries who keep trying to kill him for foiling their attempted coup some ten years ago.    If that’s not enough, he’s also got an attorney who doesn’t believe a word he says who he’s trying desperately to keep from becoming wife number seven (or is it eight?).

Told in first person from Rick's point of view, this is the first in a series of "A Funny Thing About" novels with Rick and his supporting cast as main characters.

Here's what a panel of test readers had to say about A Funny Thing About Murder:

"This is laugh-out-loud funny.  Being able to write comedy takes a special talent, especially a murder mystery, but this (book) pulls it off."  J.P. 32 year old male, sales

"You have a gift when it comes to conversation.  Lots of books have conversations that sound stiff and forced but yours comes across very natural."  L,R. 20 year old female, student

"I love the characters!  I fell in love with Juan (one of the incompetent revolutionaries) on the first page."  E.G. 32 year old female, retail

"My girlfriend kept asking what I was laughing at.  She ended up reading the book too.  She liked it just as much as I did.  Even though she's not part of the official reading group, she wanted me to pass that along."  M.K. 28 year old male, sales

"I want to read the sequel.  Now."  B.W.  36 year old female, teacher

"I would buy this book."  E. B., 49 year old female, undisclosed occupation.

The Blue Bullet Basketball Encyclopedia

Published locally in 1991. this book chronicles the complete history of the Knoxville (IL) High School Basketball program from 1905-1990.  Each season is meticulously researched, with scores from every game ever played, highlights, and player stats. 

During the research of the book, I discovered that the 1929 team shutout two opponents in the same week (shutouts were rare in that era), a national record that was never recognized (until publication).  Citied by the Illinois High School Association as a "valuable, exhaustive resource," the book is now out of print.


The ten year old son of a promient attorney is kidnapped and held for ransom.  Donovan Daugherty, a retired FBI agent, is called in to deliver the ranson, not knowing that he has personal ties to the parents.  He races to find the boy while delivering the ransom, ten predetermined spots, while keeping the ridgid schedule dictated by the kidnappers.  This thriller is set in 1998 throughout west central Illinois. 

The manuscript is currently undergoing editing and revision and will be ready for test readers by Christmas.

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